JuliaDB - Importing

I am trying to load a CSV file using JuliaDB, but keep getting this error. Is there something that I am missing?

i’m getting the same exact error - created an issue in the JuliaDB repo: https://github.com/JuliaComputing/JuliaDB.jl/issues/267

if the data comes from an excel file, you should watch up for NA or things like that

Can you try to load it with a different TextParse.jl branch I just created? You can switch to that branch with:

pkg> add https://github.com/davidanthoff/TextParse.jl.git#change-guess-empty-quotes

Just run that command, and then run your code and then please report back if that fixes things.

Also, if it doesn’t fix it, might be easier if you open an issue over at https://github.com/JuliaComputing/TextParse.jl. This is clearly a bug, not a usage question, and so we need to fix it :slight_smile: