JuliaCon Competition: Most Cursed, Best Title, and Novel Presentation

I am gonna run a competition for JuliaCon 2024.
Valentine said I could.
It’s basically just for fun, not too serious.

3 Categories:

Most Cursed: for the presentation that is the most cursed idea. Facilitating the most terrifying practices etc. Abusing internals. A topic most dear to my heart.

Best Title: for titles of talks/posters that are clever, etc.

Novel Presentation: for talks that where the presentation style was novel. Be it interpretive dance, or some really cool live demos. Hand written slides etc.

nominate by telling me IRL, DMing me (here or slack).
Remembering to include the category, and a short reason.

I will make up a certificate to send out to people next week.


Most Cursed should obviously be my Lightning Talk on migrating from Julia 0.4 → 1.6, because 1.6 just lost its LTS status :sob: :grin:


I think @pfitzseb and I should get a price for most boring and repetitive title. Same title (and probably abstract) for many years in a row must be a winning submission.


Did it, though? I’d assume there to be a grace period where a novel LTS is already available but the old LTS is not immediately discontinued.

But, yeah. You’ve got my sympathies and are a hot contender :wink:

Hah! When I started the migration and writing the talk it was going to be migrating from 0.4 to 1.0 which was LTS at the time. I hoped I’d get on stage before 1.6 lost status.


If there is a category for “most interactive environment” I would enter my talk, where the wind knocked down part of the stage.

Footage available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6st0vo0hh4&t=11730s.

Great JuliaCon by the way!