JuliaCon 2024 Scientific Data Minisymposium

At JuliaCon 2024 in Eindhoven, I am organizing a Scientific Data Minisymposium. This follows in the tradition of data focused minisymposia in the past, and I am considering the scope to be a superset of the data symposia of the past. If you want to talk about tabular data, Apache Arrow, or JSON please feel free to submit a talk proposal to the mini symposium.

Additionally, I would like to discuss hierarchical and N-dimensional data such as HDF5, NetCDF, FITS, Zarr, ADIOS2, and ASDF. These data formats are common in specific domains, particularly scientific fields, and often exist to capture complexity that does not easily fit into tables. For example, N-dimensional data like tabular data benefits from chunking but now requires those chunks to also have a similar dimensionality as the entire dataset. Due to this common interfaces have arisen, such as DiskArrays.jl, which generalizes chunk based access across many data formats. Often these data formats are used for scientific images or geographic mapping, so I hope to see some proposals that touch upon those applications.

The third category I would like to invite are data visualization tools which can help us visualize large datasets. This includes plotting packages and also web focused packages that help make sense of the aforementioned data formats.

In Eindhoven, there will also be a PyData gathering along side JuliaCon this year. While the main focus of the symposium will be on Julia-based packages and tools, I would also like to welcome talks that address scientific data in general. Along side the Scientific Data Minisymposium there will also be a Julia for High Performance Computing Minisymposium, and I hope to see some intersection between the two topics.