JuliaCon 2023 Twitter List

Hi everyone,

We are compiling a public Twitter list of the JuliaCon 2023 speakers and related organisations.

It’s still incomplete so if you’re not yet included please consider replying here or in DM with your Twitter handle.

See you all at JuliaCon.

I’m https://twitter.com/markkitti . I’m speaking about HDF5.jl, and I am also Financial Chair of JuliaCon 2023.


Talking about Logging

Added @oxinabox @mkitti.

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I’m cameron_pfiffer on twitter! I’m not a speaker though, just an attendee.

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Hi @cpfiffer, good idea!

I’ve just added you and changed the list description in:

JuliaCon 2023 people and organisations.

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Hey Pietro! Great to see you all at JuliaCon soon! I am @jacob_zelko on twitter! I am speaking about JuliaHealth, Julia and Observational Health Research, DEI within Julia, and I am the Chair of the Julia Community Outreach and Development Fund

Hi @TheCedarPrince, you’re in.

See you soon.

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For those asking about something equivalent on Mastodon: it doesn’t seem to feature public lists, but it has groups which may serve a somewhat similar purpose.

Therefore I’ve just created the @JuliaCon2023 group so that you can:

Thanks @SaschaMann for the suggestion.


I’m https://twitter.com/cserteGT3 on twitter and will present at the poster session.

Hi @cserteGT3, added.

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Ah, by the way, here you can find the more general JuliaLang Twitter list.

Thanks @PietroMonticone for setting this up! I’ll talk about Predictive Uncertainty Quantification in Machine Learning on Friday. My twitter handle is @paltmey

Hi @pat-alt, you’re added to the public list.

Looking forward to attending your talk.

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