Julia vs MATLAB for image processing and finding the forged part in the image

Can i use Julia instead of Matlab for image processing and finding the forged part in the image?

Have a look:

Not yet ready for Julia 1.0, though, see:

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You certainly can but how easy it is depends on what is involved in performing the task and how well that matches the feature list of e.g. the Images package. If you want a more specific answer you need to tell us how you plan to go about finding a forged part of an image and possibly how you would have solved it with Matlab.

Nice article on forge detection:

Updated link:


That part got me interested, and if it’s not too late, can the title be changed? In short, everything that can be done in MATLAB, can (in theory) be done with Julia, and I guess Images.jl is very capable, but it’s not clear to me it has this capability (yet), while it would be helpful as a core package to use for such a tool.

I suggest changing the title to “Julia vs MATLAB, for image processing”, and if MATLAB has that tool, not just something to build on, e.g. in a toolbox, then add to that “for forgery detection”.

I’m intrigued to know the exact MATLAB toolbox used (and more directly which API, or if even GUI interface). Or in any other language (or on a website). With forgeries getting more advanced (and AI tools, e.g. StyleGAN), I’m not sure you CAN always detect forgeries. Maybe still in most cases, but if not now, then I guess soon, not in all cases.