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JuliaImages: Image Processing and Computer Vision in Julia

JuliaImages hosts a collection of powerful image processing tools with a range of useful algorithms written in Julia,
a modern and expressive high-level programming language.

JuliaImages prioritizes clean architecture and strives to bridge the gap between the “machine vision” and “biomedical 3D image processing” communities.
With a unified platform, JuliaImages empowers researchers, developers, and enthusiasts in these fields to leverage Julia’s performance advantages
and collaborate more effectively in advancing image processing techniques.

What to do next?

  • :person_raising_hand:‍ If you’re just getting started and need an introduction, you can refer to the Getting Started Tutorial.
  • :rainbow: If you’re interested in getting involved and contributing to the development, check out the Contribution Guidelines.
  • :woman_technologist: You can find the documentation at this link, and there are also examples available here.
  • :milky_way: For image processing queries, see JuliaImages tag on image.sc
  • :mage: Julia Zulip, Slack, Discourse are great platforms for discussions on Julia in general and how to use JuliaImages (image-processing).

Image.sc Zulip Slack Discourse

For more information on JuliaImages, check out JuliaImages’s Website.

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JuliaImages is now a community partner in http://image.sc :grinning:!!

http://forum.image.sc is a scientific community forum focused on software-oriented aspects of scientific imaging, image analysis, processing, acquisition, storage, and management of digital scientific images.

You can ask your questions here: Topics tagged juliaimages

Thanks @mkitti for making this happen!