Julia TagBot app deprecation warning out of date

  1. go to a Julia package github repo. 2. click Settings. 3 click integrations. 4. click Configure on Julia TagBot.

The resulting deprecation warning points to a discourse post that includes a TagBot.yml file. But, this file is not the latest recommend file. The latter is (As far as I can tell) in a later Discourse post.

I looked into opening an issue in the Julia github repo. But, I noticed that there are essentially no issues, open or closed, concerning TagBot. This leads me to believe that the Julia repo may not be the correct forum for such an issue.

This came up because I have not registered many new versions recently, so I forget how to do it. For some reason it takes me a bit of effort to relearn this. (I could write a document for myself somewhere the next time I manage to do it correctly.) I recall that, once you discover the correct procedure, it is quite easy. As a first step to relearning (well, second step; first I go to make sure the TagBot app is enabled and am reminded that it is deprecated), I am searching through repos, looking at TagBot.yml files, trying to guess who is most responsible and might have the latest recommend file. (OTOH, it could be that there is only a very small number of people who are still stumbling on that deprecation message.)

And thanks for all the effort to automate registering versions. I know it works well. I hope to return to a point where using it is second nature.

You can get the latest recommended TagBot configuration file by going to:

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This topic is not solved. The problem persists. Following is the bad scenario, explicitly: A repo owner follows steps 1…4 above. They are redirected to a discourse post that starts with this:

TL;DR: Merge PRs that create a file called .github/workflows/TagBot.yml or create it yourself with these contents in all of your Julia package repositories:

name: TagBot
    - cron: 0 * * * *
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: JuliaRegistries/TagBot@v1
          token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}

If they want the can read a bunch of stuff below in that topic, none of which suggests doing anything different. So, the only reasonable thing for the repo owner to do is to follow the instructions they have been given and copy the file. But, it’s the wrong file. It’s out of date.

The solution: Update the link in the page under DEPRECATED to point to a page with a correct tagbot file, or some instructions on how to find such a file, etc.

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