Julia: Symbol Lookup Error

Hi! I’m currently using Julia on both a local laptop (macos) and a linux remote server.

Julia has been working fine on my computer, but occasionally, on my linux remote server, I keep getting the following error when I try to update my packages:

(v1.2) pkg> add StatsBase
  Updating registry at `~/.julia/registries/General`
  Updating git-repo `https://github.com/JuliaRegistries/General.git`
julia: symbol lookup error: /n/home07/nwong/bin/julia-1.2.0/bin/../lib/julia/libmbedtls.so.12: undefined symbol: mbedtls_x509_crt_verify_restartable

This happens when I try to add packages.

What exactly is the nature of this error? deleting the whole .julia folder eliminates this problem, but on the server (for some reason) this takes a lot of time and honestly I’d prefer to get a proper fix rather than just deleting and reinstalling everything from scratch.

Especially when this error pops up again (it’s the second time this has happened in two days).

This looks like https://github.com/JuliaWeb/MbedTLS.jl/issues/193 so it should be sufficient to ensure you have MbedTLS 0.7.0: https://github.com/JuliaWeb/MbedTLS.jl/releases/tag/v0.7.0

Do I need to install this package manually? Or is it automatically imported with the Base?

I think running pkg> update should do it.