Error message on julia travis: symbol lookup error: MbedTLS undefined symbol


I am currently getting an error on Travis that I cannot reproduce on my computer. All tests seem to pass, but the build on Travis finishes with:

julia: symbol lookup error: /home/travis/.julia/packages/MbedTLS/XkQiX/deps/usr/lib/ undefined symbol: mbedtls_x509_crt_verify_restartable

The full build report is available here:

I have tried updating all the packages in the Project.toml and Manifest.toml, but this did not solve the problem.

The yaml file is minimalist and should not cause problems:

language: julia
  - linux
  - 1.0
  - 1.1
codecov: true
coveralls: true

Do you have any idea on how to go at the problem ?

Many thanks

See It’s broken for everybody.

Thanks for the reply !

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