Julia REPL and Emojis

Hi, some Julia modules print out emojis to give the user some information such as this, but in the REPL, they just come out as , I was wondering if this is the intended result or if the REPL has emoji printing capabilities that I’m just not aware of.

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I think this just depends on what font your terminal is using. Try pasting some emoji(s) in at the ordinary command line prompt, before starting Julia, and probably they will print the same way.


There is a further complication under Windows, add the console does not really support UTF8. You can however run Julia from Git bash (Mintty). I use the Fira Code font.


Thanks, I guess this is one of the negatives of using windows for software development.

The REPL under Windows is Powershell.
So open a Powershell and right click on the top bar. Select Defaults then change your font.

@braamvandyk mentions FiraCode which is lovely. I use this with the Atom editor.
I cannot remember how I installed FiraCode on Windows, wbut when it is added as a font it becomes available to Powershell.

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