ANN Julia Quick Syntax Reference (Apress, Nov 2019)

Hello… still hot from the press… “Julia Quick Syntax Reference” (November 2019, Apress).

This book is in reality a largely updated, expanded and revised (not least, in the language, thanks to a professional copy-editor…) version of my “Julia Concise Tutorial”.

What’s particular of it ?
I would say that it’s very practical for beginners. It covers many different aspects of the language (…it’s still “concise” :wink: ) and of the main packages, while speaking to a public that is not necessarily those of this forum… (I would say a bit of “widening” the community more than “deepening” it).
And it is updated. The latest versions of DataFrames, JuMP and JuliaInterpreter/Juno debugging are all treated. The code has been tested with v1.3-rc4. The only really missing thing is the new Thread API.

This is the list of the chapters with the main packages discussed (unfortunately I couldn’t convince the editor to release the book open source (…it would change little for me, but I can understand them…). A more detailed table of content is available here together with an introduction.

Ch01 - Getting started

Ch02 - Data types and structures

Ch03 - Control flow and functions

Ch04 - Custom types

Ch05 - Input/Output

  • CSV.jl v0.5.11
  • HTTP.jl v0.8.4
  • XLSX.jl v0.5.4
  • JSON2.jl v0.3.1

Ch06 - Metaprogramming and macro

Ch07 - Interfacing Julia with other languages

  • Cxx.jl v0.3.2
  • PyCall.jl v1.91.2
  • PyJulia v0.4.1
  • RCall.jl v0.13.3
  • JuliaCall v0.16.5

Ch08 - Effectively write efficient code

  • BenchmarkTools.jl v0.4.2
  • ProfileView.jl v0.4.1
  • JuliaInterpreter.jl v0.6.1
  • Juno v0.9.1 (Atom.jl) / v0.9.4 (atom-julia-client)

Ch09 - Working with data

  • DataFrames.jl v0.19.2
  • DataFramesMeta.jl v0.5.0
  • Query.jl v0.12.1
  • IndexedTabless.jl v0.12.2
  • LAJuliaUtils.jl v0.2.0
  • Pipe.jl v1.1.0
  • Plots.jl v0.26.1
  • StatsPlots.jl v0.10.2

Ch10 - Mathematical Libraries

  • JuMP.jl v0.19.2
  • GLPK.jl v0.10.0
  • Ipopt.jl v0.5.4
  • SymPy.jl v1.0.5
  • LsqFit.jl v0.8.1

Ch11 - Utilities

  • Weave.jl v0.9.1
  • ZipFile.jl v0.8.3
  • Interact.jl v0.10.2
  • Mux.jl v0.7.0

Above all, thanks to all of you for having answered my “dump” questions here or on S.O…


Would it be possible to add the tutorial and the book on the “Learning” page ?
Who should I contact for that ?

I believe you should make a PR.


Ah, got it… I didn’t know that also the site was based on a github repository… thank you…

Is there any interest in adding JDF.jl to this chapter? I use it to save DataFrames now

Could you make a pull request on this file, so I will track it ?

(It doesn’t have to wait a 2nd edition, I’ll try to implement it first in the tutorial…)

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Bad, It is very bad idea to write a book with the title that is not suit to its content.


Aside that the title has been chosen by the publisher, I think they have a serie with “LangXXX Quick Syntax Reference”, I try to make clear what’s inside both in the description of the book and in what the publisher allowed to be made public/prewieved (and any how the same day of release the full pdf has been released in the well known sites).

So I don’t think anyone get the book thinking that it claims to be the julia reference (that already exists). I believe most people got that it is just a “quick syntax” reference, how to quickly move with doing stuff of interest, get the interest/motivation, before deepening into the language.

unless my english (and the table of content) misguides me severely… the book is not dedicated to the Julia syntax and it is not quick…