OSSInsight/GitHub Data Explorer: JuliaLang/julia Pull Request Rank = 9

Rank: https://ossinsight.io/collections/programming-language/

  • JuliaLang/Julia : 2023 Mar
    • Stars: Rank = 12
    • Pull Request: Rank = 9
    • Issues: Rank = 10

You can check trending julia repos:
( " We ranked all repositories with score. Total Score = Stars score + Forks score + Base score ." ) → https://ossinsight.io/#trending-repos AND Select the language “Julia” ( in “Others” )

Nice visualization for “Programming Language - Popularity Trends”

Just to clarify since this is easily misunderstood. This is a ranking of the core language repository of open source programming languages hosted on Github, ranked by stars or pull requests or issues.

It is not a ranking of popular Github repositories in general, which is dominated by React, Vue and TensorFlow (once you remove a bunch of popular tutorial repositories).

It is also not a ranking of programming language popularity over all repositories on Github. When ranked by number of pull requests, Julia hovers around rank 25-35 depending on which quarter you pull data from.

That said, it’s nice to see that JuliaLang/Julia is once of the most popular core repos of OSS languages on Github.

thanks, fixed in the title - now: “JuliaLang/jullia”