Julia osx 0.5 not starting


Just downloaded Julia DMG v0.5 for osx and it is not starting. I get two terminal windows opening but there is only a unix prompt, no julia REPL. I notice the Julia menu appears briefly and then disappears. Have tried 0.5 and 0.6 - same problem.


What version of OSX?


macOS Sierra Version 10.12.2 (16C67)


Try changing dir into the .app bundle directory from a terminal, and running Contents/MacOS/Julia. You might get more descriptive messages.


Just getting the following message.

2016-12-17 06:21:54.198 Julia[2053:59684] App did finish launching


Created a new user account on the same machine and Julia runs perfectly, so what at the user account settings which might affect Julia starting correctly. I’ve deleted all .bashrc, .profile, … still it is not starting in the original account.


Where did you install the .app? Can you also try



App was installed from .dmg and it goes to /Contents/MacOS
However, remarkably Julia is now starting - both 0.5 and 0.6. The reason is unclear. I had made all sorts of adjustments moving all Library/Preferences, running Disk Utility First Aid, deleting .bash_profile, .profile files but none of that worked. Only two things may have worked is cleaning up my Desktop (I deleted a few files) or plugging in and running my TimeMachine backup. So fixed but not solved. Thanks for the help.


Puzzling. If you ever figure it out, let us know so we can try to fix the issue.