Julia on M1 Macs


What is the status of Julia on M1 MacBook Pro? I.e. are there any major compatibility issues/bugs or is it mostly safe to use? Also would there be any performance loss?


Julia runs fine on, but for a native build for the new chip there are still some issues tracked in

it’s getting close


ah – thanks! I hadn’t come across this.
So, it would still need to be installed using Rosetta2?

At this moment, yes.

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I’m advising a PhD student who is learning Julia on her M1 mac.
No problems so far

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Also worth noting is that you can build Julia for Linux Arm from src on a Ubuntu for Arm virtual machine running on Parallels Desktop on the M1. Its performance is actually better than Julia on Rosetta 2 for me.


That’s good to know – thanks!
Do you know if it’s expected that the native install for m1 Macs (when available) will be more performant than on x86?