Julia download on MacBook Pro with M1 Pro

What version of Julia listed here should I download? Are there any issues I should expect with version available for Intel processor?

I see the following relevant options:

  1. current stable release v1.7.3 for macOS x86 (Intel or Rosetta)
  2. LTS v1.6.7 for macOS

Edit: I downloaded v1.7.3 but when I launch the app it gives the following error:
zsh: bad CPU type in executable: /Applications/Julia-1.7.app/Contents/Resources/julia/bin/Julia

I was hoping it would run without Rosetta because in the GetInfo popup window it list the Julia app as Universal. So, is it not possible to run Julia without Rosetta yet?

The x86 build should work through Rosetta. There is a native build for M1 for version 1.7.2 (replace 1.7.3 in the URL with 1.7.2), but my recommendation is to not use v1.7 on the M1 and use instead v1.8, for which there is a native build


Thanks for the reply. For v1.8, it says experimental. Do you think it is OK to use it before v1.8 is officially released. I probably don’t want to run into errors that I can’t figure out :sweat_smile:. Also, any tentative date when v1.8 is officially planned to be released?

Anecdotally I’ve been using 1.8 since rc1 (now on rc3) on a M1 Pro, and I’ve found fewer problems than 1.7.x.

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Oh that’s reassuring. So just to confirm you’re using the native build for M1 processor and not the one for intel/rosetta. Right?

“experimental” refers to the platform in general (it was added only last year), not the specific version. I think that label is a misplaced for Julia v1.8: that series is way more stable on M1 than it was v1.7: on v1.7 you’d get very frequent crashes for apparently no reasons (but the reason being an error in the llvm backend, fixed for v1.8).

It’s ready when it’s ready.

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Got it :+1:. I will replace v1.7 with v1.8 right away then.
Thanks again!

Yep, native build - 1.8.0-rc3+0.aarch64.

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Ok :+1:. Thanks!