Julia notebooks takes too long connect to the kernel while using Jupyter

I am using ubuntu, and installed julia version 1.0.4 using “sudo snap install julia --classic”. Whenever I try to use julia in jupyter- it tasks solid 10-15 minutes to connect to the kernel and start running. could this be due to my local system or has such a thing been observed-and resolved before?

Hey @Vaibhavi_Bhalchandra - just a suggestion but currently, we are version at 1.6 of Julia and the Ubuntu repositories are generally far behind the Julia release cycle. I would suggest trying to install the new version here: Download Julia For me, at this time, the kernel will usually get connected within 30 seconds if not less. If you need help installing, let us know here and we will be happy to help.

Also, welcome to the Julia Discourse! I hope you have a great time here. :smiley:


Hey @TheCedarPrince , Thank you :slight_smile:
so I updated to 1.4.0, but it’s still really slow while connecting to the kernel. One thing I did notice now was that, my python3 kernel is located here “/usr/share/jupyter/kernels/python3”, while julia kernel is “/home/vaibhavi/.local/share/jupyter/kernels/julia-1.4” is here. Could this might be a problem?

The current Julia release is 1.6.3, you should really use that. Installations through the various Linux package managers are often outdated and problematic.

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I updated to 1.6.3, but the problem persists.

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Great thanks, at least that means it shouldn’t be an issue with your Julia version or the installation.

Just to make sure people understand your problem: when you start Julia and then do using IJulia; notebook() a Jupyter session is started, you can then start a new notebook with the Julia kernel, and what you’re experiencing is a 10-15 minute wait while the status indicator on the top right of the notebook shows “Kernel starting, please wait…”?

It shouldn’t take longer than 10-15 seconds (rather than minutes) to start a kernel on a modern laptop, so there’s definitely something off about your setup.

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Hey, yes that is what I was doing.

I instead, now tried giving the command jupyter-notebook directly in the terminal (not in the Julia prompt), then manually chose Julia-1.6.3 as a kernel in the browser-jupyter session, and it works. Takes about 30-45 seconds to connect to the kernel.

Thanks for all the suggestions!