Julia: Lorentz attractor and what to download?

I downloaded Julia via Debian Stretch synaptic. I wanted to see some graphics from Juliaplots.org. Did not work. Got some red message to download from julialang.org. Ok. I removed Julia via synaptic. I downloaded directly.
I was impressed by the beauty of the lorenz attractor. Copied the code. Did not work. It seems that I have to download this and that package.
Can anyone tell me what I have to download that the code of the Lorenzattractor works? I get this for the moment:
ERROR: IOError: could not spawn ffmpeg -v 0 -i /tmp/tmpD0UDch/%06d.png -vf palettegen=stats_mode=diff -y /tmp/tmpD0UDch/palette.bmp: no such file or directory (ENOENT)

I just want to enjoy that Julia works. But it ain’t made easy.
with friendly greetings,
P_ter (a hole in my bucket)

It’s good that you installed directly from the julia site instead of your package manager.

It looks like you may not have ffmpeg installed on your system. As a first step, I would check this on a terminal and synaptic.

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Hello S.G. Janssens,


I installed all via synaptic what had ffmpeg in it. The Julia program was accepted. I went to the /tmp directory, clicked - and it worked. Still looking at it.



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