Installation of Plots

Hi team,
I am new to Julia. I am trying to install “Plots” package for my analysis. But while “using Plots” commands shows an error. Below are the details of the error.

While loading “Plots” package it shows following errors:
ERROR: LoadError: FFMPEG not installed properly, run ] build FFMPEG, restart Julia and try again.

ERROR: LoadError: Failed to precompile FFMPEG [c87230d0-a227-11e9-1b43-d7ebe4e7570a] to “C:\Users\Shiv\.julia\compiled\v1.9\FFMPEG\jl_146.tmp”.

On ] build FFMPEG command following error pops up.
ERROR: LoadError: Unable to open libLLVM!

ERROR: LoadError: Failed to precompile BinaryProvider [b99e7846-7c00-51b0-8f62-c81ae34c0232] to “C:\Users\Shiv\.julia\compiled\v1.9\BinaryProvider\jl_777A.tmp”.

I am really stuck at this stage. Please help. I am working on windows 10 platform. Thanks.

You could try a different Julia version (e.g., 1.8.5). Version 1.9 is quite new. There exist possibly some issues with Plots.jl (or it’s dependencies). At least I had a similar problem with another package (StatsBase.jl).

Btw: Plots.jl works on my Ubuntu 22.04.

Thank You. I installed an older version and it worked.