Julia kernel (Windows) quits after some time - where can I find logs to locate problem?



The Julia Pro 6.2 kernel installed in Windows keeps on dying . The “DOS” window abruptly closes – the Jupyter notebook is disconnected and data is lost.

Where can I find logs to start pinpointing the problem?


Do you mean that you

  1. start a terminal,
  2. start the julia.exe inside it,
  3. run using IJulia; notebook() or something similar,
  4. and then the terminal window (not the Julia process) closes abrubtly?

This sounds weird, even for Windows.


Correction: The notenook displays a message “Python stopped working” and the DOS window gives a message “Software caused connection abort” and then some more. See below. Any and all guidance would be very welcome. Thanks!

Here’s another screen from another time it failed.