Why my julia keep running in the background, even though I have shut down the terminal?

why my julia keep running under the background,even though I have shut down the terminal?


Just a wild guess, does your python use some Julia? (There are four python tasks and four Julia tasks…)

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e.g. are you running Jupyter notebooks?

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I have seen some remaining Julia processes when I was using Julia inside VSCode. After I closed the editor the processes remained there.


yes,this problem happens after I used Jupyter notebook.However,I have closed the jupyter windows and the program still operate under the background which take up a lot memory. I have no idea how to turn off the program except restarting my computer.

Can’t you kill it from the task manager at least ?

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Jupyter runs as a server. The notebook kernels then get started when you open them in a browser (and each one will start a process/kernel).

Closing the browser window will not shutdown Jupyter server or the notebook kernels.

I don’t know how it works in Windows, how do you start Jupyter and does that open, e.g., a PowerShell window? If yes, that’s the one you need to close.


Thanks for your reply. You are right . After I open the Jupyter file what I just used and shutdown the kernels, the julia programming disappear.But in this way, I have to shutdown the kernels in all Jupyter files which I used one by one.Is there a convenient way to close the kernels?

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Yes,I can’t.

From the Jupyter GUI you’d need to hit the “shutdown” button on all kernels that you can see in the “Running” tab of the main Jupyter screen (the one with the file system browser).

If you started Jupyter from a terminal (or if a terminal opens when you start it) then you can Ctrl-C in there and just say “yes” when it asks if you want to shutdown all kernels.

Can’t help with Windows, though, never really used it.