Julia internship @ Airbus in Munich

We currently have an open internship position inside an AI research team at Airbus in Munich. Well…, yes…, programming is done in Julia :heart_eyes:. Feel free to have a look: Intern (f/m/d) Julia for Artificial Intelligence Applications

Update 2021-09-15: The position has been taken offline.
Update 2021-09-21: Online again :slight_smile:


Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to work remotely?

Hi and thanks for your question. Working remotely is unfortunately not possible in this case (but Munich a nice place to stay :relaxed:).

Hi, I check the website and it looks interesting. I was wondering that could international students apply for this position? I’m going to study in Bavaria in some months and thinking about applying to this position next summer/year. Danke.

Hi Jing Guo, of course we more than appreciate applications from international students in general, but would like to ask you to clarify/discuss any specific needs you might have with HR during the application process. Thanks!

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Applying from Canada and got rejected instantly lol. Does it mean the applicants must be students in Germany?

Sorry to hear that. I can’t tell what happened in your case. But, no, it’s not required to be a German student.

I’m a recent graduate with master’s in Physics. Learning Julia on my own, however, I’m more familiar with Python. I specially use Julia to compare speed. For example just today, I used Monte Carlo method to calculate pi over 1 billion iterations. Julia was 14.5 times faster!!!

Is the position still open?
If yes, are international candidates with no work visa allowed to apply?
If yes, is visa sponsorship available?

Hello anmolspace, thanks for your message! I just checked, you still can apply. I am not very familiar with Visa questions, but please note that you still have to be a student for this internship.