Julia internship @ Airbus in Munich

We currently have an open internship position inside an AI research team at Airbus in Munich. Well…, yes…, programming is done in Julia :heart_eyes:. Feel free to have a look: Intern (f/m/d) Julia for Artificial Intelligence Applications

Update 2021-09-15: The position has been taken offline.
Update 2021-09-21: Online again :slight_smile:


Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to work remotely?

Hi and thanks for your question. Working remotely is unfortunately not possible in this case (but Munich a nice place to stay :relaxed:).

Hi, I check the website and it looks interesting. I was wondering that could international students apply for this position? I’m going to study in Bavaria in some months and thinking about applying to this position next summer/year. Danke.

Hi Jing Guo, of course we more than appreciate applications from international students in general, but would like to ask you to clarify/discuss any specific needs you might have with HR during the application process. Thanks!

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Applying from Canada and got rejected instantly lol. Does it mean the applicants must be students in Germany?

Sorry to hear that. I can’t tell what happened in your case. But, no, it’s not required to be a German student.