Julia internal works: what everybody need to know?


When I writing simple presentation on Julia, it appears to me, that I know very little about it internal working and I probably won’t be able to answer most question about it. Like probably most important question: why time for (first) adding 1 + 1 can be so long?

Is any article/discussion “What every Julia user should know about internals” out there? I don’t find it.


In a nutshell, the functions are compiled for their argument types as needed.

A longer discussion is eg

+(1, 1) is probably not a good example of this though, as that should be compiler by the time you get to a REPL.

I think this is fine. Just don’t go into details about it then. Compilation times have improved a lot and keep improving.


You may find the links in this thread useful Docs on parse-time, compile-time and run-time operations? I know I did :slight_smile: