Julia internal works: what everybody need to know?

When I writing simple presentation on Julia, it appears to me, that I know very little about it internal working and I probably won’t be able to answer most question about it. Like probably most important question: why time for (first) adding 1 + 1 can be so long?

Is any article/discussion “What every Julia user should know about internals” out there? I don’t find it.

In a nutshell, the functions are compiled for their argument types as needed.

A longer discussion is eg

+(1, 1) is probably not a good example of this though, as that should be compiler by the time you get to a REPL.

I think this is fine. Just don’t go into details about it then. Compilation times have improved a lot and keep improving.

You may find the links in this thread useful Docs on parse-time, compile-time and run-time operations? I know I did :slight_smile:


Information of my talk was on the page for one day, when colleague ask me on corridor about Julia and if it is compiled or interpreted. This video was very helpfully, even as I don’t understand most of it, this is to
advanced computer science for my knowledge. But knowledge of your ignorance is very important knowledge.

Thank you for help.