Julia IDE, GPU and GUI packages

I’m back after long break to Julia language and need some advice about IDE.
During the time of my break I programmed some web development(html, css, Sass, Javascript, Ajax, JSON, Fetch API, React, DOCKER … ) and I used vscode as my IDE and it was really good thing. In Julia before the break I used Jupyter Notebook to work with Interact, but it wasn’t satisfying for me. Now I’m planning to make GUI for some complicated calculating program in which I want to introduce some “drag and drop” interface however in my calculation which are really time-consuming i plan to use GPU programming methods(parallel programming) and it’s really important for me to have high performance. If it goes about GPU programming I’ve been reading “CUDA by Example: An Introduction to General-Purpose GPU Programming” by Jason Sanders and Edward Kandrot, but I don’t want to use it because I don’t want to limit to only NVIDIA GPU and also read some about OpenCL.
So my questions:
1)Which IDE?(I thinked about JunoLab or vscode extension however i heard there was some problems with Julia 1.1.0 integration) for Julia.
2) Which package for GUI, to do these effects with good performance, because I want my application to do fast calculations and show results(it must be useful, I don’t want too much visual effects).
3) Which packages for GPU programming would you recommend?

The VS Code extension problems with Julia 1.1 are fixed, so that is no longer a problem.


What about GUI/interface packages. Except Interact I also used Makie package, but there were problems with dependencies packages, however I managed to add this package. But if there was any better package that anyone can recommend I would be grateful. What about Gtk or Genie?
And what about GPU programming?

It can be usefull, I have HD Graphics 5500 in my actual notebook however I have second notebook with Radeon(don’t remember which version but it’s probably better). Is that mean that I can’t use CUDA-based packages?

Another GUI option is immediate mode GUI which is fast but maybe more GPU resource consuming.


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yes, CUDA is a vendor-only SDK.

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That’s very interesting. And it have Julia package here: https://github.com/Gnimuc/CImGui.jl, that only difference is the syntax(which for me looks more friendly than the original syntax). I’ll check it for sure.

The last thing to obtain is GPU package and hardware choose. I have to notebooks, one with Intel HD Graphics 5500(GPU) and Intel® Core™ i3-5005U CPU, the second with AMD Radeon HD 8280(GPU) and AMD E2-3800 1,3. In both I have 4 GB RAM.
Ofcourse I aware of that I use very weak stuff, so for the nearest time I think about some new graphic card up to 50 US dollars.