Julia for HPC Tutorial at SC24

Hello everyone,

We at Julia Lab are excited to announce that we are planning to conduct a Julia HPC tutorial at the upcoming Supercomputer Conference 2024 (SC24). As we gear up for this, we are reaching out to Julia HPC communities to find individuals who are interested in presenting and assisting in the content of the tutorial.

Tutorial submission is open until April 19. We appreciate your consideration and look forward to your involvement in making the Julia for HPC Tutorial at SC24 a valuable and enriching experience for all participants.

Tutorial Details:
Title: Julia for HPC Tutorial
Event: Supercomputer Conference 2024 (SC24)
Date: 17–22 Nov 2024
Location: Atlanta, GA.

Thank you for your support!


I am wondering if @carstenbauer is interested in this :wink: He gave a superb talk and tutorial at the JuliaHEP Workshop in our institute Erlangen Centre for Astroparticle physics in Erlangen few months ago. It’s a pity that we did not have more time, but SC24 sounds like a perfect conference to stretch that!

Here is the session page including slides and YouTube links: HPC/HTC Session by Carsten Bauer


Thanks for the ping @tamasgal. Would definitely like to join but unfortunately, I will (almost certainly) not be able to attend SC this year. @Rabab53, if I can support this otherwise, let me know!

Thanks @tamasgal. It’s great to hear that there are many successful workshops being held for Julia in HPC!
@carstenbauer, we are looking for your support either in SC24 or in the future ones.

@Rabab53 @carstenbauer @tamasgal I’ll probably be at SC24, and I’m happy to help.


Same here

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