JuliaHPC Meeting

Several of us have started a roughly-monthly Julia on HPC-related discussion. The next one is to be held tomorrow (for me at least, probably today for almost everyone else):

18:00 UTC (2pm US Eastern), Tuesday October 27th

All are welcome.


Cool! I hope to be there.

Hi - Can you add more details about the meeting? E.g. is it informal or is there an agenda? I would very much like to attend, but I have a regular meeting over that time. I’ve been running jobs with Julia on Cori at NERSC and have been seeing some strange behavior. I’m hoping to try to attend at least part of your meeting, but we’ll see. Thanks! – Adam

The agenda is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Zip_Cyu9v9uHR13aTn8N1LrnFPFbDSW6eoIRdfwNXVY/edit?usp=sharing, and the event is now on the JuliaLang event calendar: https://julialang.org/community/#events

Thanks! – Adam

Bumping this up - I have a calendar reminder for the meeting today.

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New meeting today

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New meeting today at 19:00 UTC

New meeting today at 18:00 UTC

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New meeting today, always at 18:00 UTC

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Even though I forget to always bump this thread up, JuliaHPC meetings are going on! Next one is today at 19:00 UTC.

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