Julia for Data Science course launching on JuliaAcademy today!

We have a brand new “Julia for Data Science” course launching on JuliaAcademy today! Learn from Dr. @nassarhuda about how to set up and complete a Data Science project. Register here: https://juliaacademy.com/p/julia-for-data-science/?preview=logged_out…

New videos for the course will be released every day through June 4th!


Thanks a lot for this. I’m following the Parallel Computing course in JuliaAcademy and it is very nice. Looking forward to take this one as well.

Kudos to the people behind JuliaAcademy. These courses are a great way of promoting Julia, I think!


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I enjoyed the first 2 lectures already on YouTube and just signed up on the JuliaAcademy site. Now I wonder how we are supposed to get ahold of the course notebooks. (This concern goes for all JA classes, not just this one.)

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Hey! The GitHub repo is linked in the course so you can download the notebooks.

I grabbed the repo last night. There are no notebooks. There is a script to build notebooks but it failed as I reported last night on your website.

All 12 notebooks can be found here: https://github.com/JuliaAcademy/DataScience (see the “.ipynb” files).

Thanks! Are there notebooks for the ‘Introduction to Julia’ course? (I found the *.jl files for that class.)

Yes, here: https://github.com/JuliaComputing/JuliaBoxTutorials/tree/master/introductory-tutorials/intro-to-julia

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