Julia for Data Science book

Hi all,

Is the book “Julia for Data Science” by @davidanthoff (“http://www.david-anthoff.com/jl4ds/stable/”) being worked on?
As a newcomer it would be a game changer, the same way the book “R for Data Science” was for the R community.



I am looking forward to it, too. but it seems the progress is limited till now.

The best and most polished data science in Julia tutorial is @ablaom @tlienart:


The resources provided by @davidanthoff and the QueryVerse.jl ecosystem are oriented to data wrangling and some exploratory data analysis. The Data Science Tutorials are more oriented to machine learning. But there is some overlap.

A recent JuliaCon 3 hour workshop reworks some of the material in the Data Science Tutorials and that might be worth checking out: https://github.com/ablaom/MachineLearningInJulia2020 (resources) https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=27&v=qSWbCn170HU&feature=emb_title (video).


It looks pretty good, thanks for sharing.

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