Best Reference for teaching Julia to Data Scientists

I will be teaching a semester long upper-level undergraduate course on Julia for Data Science this fall. Is there a particular text anyone would recommend I use with my course?

Sincerely, Dale S. Rothman


I used a mix of “Think Julia” plus selections from Boyd and Vandenberghe’s VMLS and Gelman’s BDA3 (no Julia in it, but still good) for a quarter-length course, it seemed to work out


There may be other good options since then though. “Statistics with Julia: Fundamentals for Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence” could be worth checking out

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There is a book in the making by me and @rikh att

We will be finishing it in a couple of months.


Storopoli and @rikh,

I took a quick look at the book in the making. Do you consider Chapters 1-4 fairly complete? I could use those to start and continue with the new chapters as they are completed. I would also complement this with some of the material from the Julia for Data Science course by Huda Nassar, which is available at the JuliaAcademy.


I think that Chapters 1-3 are mostly done. @rikh is finishing up the Chapter 4. And we will take a couple of months to finish the Data Viz chapters.

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Our intent is to leave the book free and open access online and launch a printed version with ISBN on

The audience is not computer scientist but people that don’t have any sort of computing background and want to do data manipulation and data visualization in Julia.

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“A Deep Introduction to Julia for Data Science and Scientific Computing” by Chris Rackauckas seems to have been prepared in late 2016, but could be a source of inspiration.

I’m looking forward to this [Julia Data Science]. I already grabbed the pdf version available.