Giving a Talk to Celebrate Julia within Health Informatics Research!

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I am wondering if I could get some help/feedback! I am giving a talk this Friday to the observational health research community (OHDSI) and am getting the opportunity to share on some of the tools and resources I have been developing within JuliaHealth to do research within health informatics.

This time, the meeting organizer has explicitly told me that this is a celebration of diversity in approaches within health informatics and to highlight and sell Julia and why it is so great/winsome – even by itself. I have a solid connection to health informatics built but was wondering if folks could share some more examples/information that would be great for “selling” Julia. In this case, it is actually a talk that is about “what is and why Julia” + “health informatics.” I looked through some great Discourse/Zulip posts, GitHub repos (like Beautiful Algorithms), and blog posts on presenting Julia to take inspiration for my slides.

Here is the slide deck I have drafted at the moment.

I would love some feedback! Thanks y’all and excited to be bringing these two worlds together!

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For the “What Julia looks like” part, the Seven lines of Julia thread could be handy for use in slides, with short pieces of code and (often) visually attractive results.

The reproducibility of Julia code also seems worth a mention - even at a high level, just mentioning “the exact versions of every package used is recorded, and can be shared as a single file” would be good.

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Ah yea, I looked at that thread! Really good one that I’ll pull some examples for on. And good point about reproducibility; I’ll highlight that!

This notebook by Robin Deits has tons of great material for selling Julia.

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@renatobellotti gave a really nice talk about his work on Novel Flexible Treatment Planning Framework for Proton Radiotherapy Using Julia and Automatic Differentiation in his talk at SIAM CSE23. I don’t think the slides are online anywhere. But his talk is about using Julia+Enzyme and use automatic differentiation to come up with treatment plans for radiotherapy.

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Hey folks! Just wanted to share that the talk went way better than I could’ve hoped for! Attendees were quite excited and happy about the presentation. I’ll be sharing the talk soon (recorded – yay!) and the repo for the code demos. Special thanks to @vchuravy and @rdeits for sharing their thoughts and making examples available that I could use in my presentation!

Also, I should thank/blame @luraess for causing me to completely redo my presentation in Literate.jl and Jupyter + RISE :joy:


If folks are interested in the talk I gave, here it is: OHDSI DevCon 2023: Julia (Kyrylo Simonov, Jacob Zelko) - YouTube

What’s cool is that it was very well-received to the point where I had two people reaching out to me almost immediately afterwards and excited about collaborating! We are moving forward on bringing Julia into global health informatics! Thanks for all the suggestions and help y’all!

P.S. Also shout-out to @xitology and @cce for their talk at the beginning of this video as well!