Julia DynamicalSystems package for calculating Recurrence Matrices

I don’t understand what Julia’s “RecurrenceMatrices” is doing. I give a vector of two float numbers [1.041; 1.066] as the input, and I set “epsilon = 0.01”, and in the output, it says that these two nodes are near. Am I misusing the package, or is there a bug in the package?

ε = 0.01
x = [1.041; 1.066]
R = RecurrenceMatrix(x, ε; metric = “euclidean”, fixedrate = true)

Hi! Welcome to the forum.

Can you mention what result you expect and why? With fixedrate = true, ε becomes the fixed recurrence rate rather than the absolute distance threshold. If you wish for 0.01 to be the distance threshold value without any scaling, pass fixedrate = false or leave the argument out.