Julia create and populate empty dataframe with unsigned number value

Dear all,
I am using Julia to populate an empty dataframe. I instantiated an empty dataframe with

df = DataFrame(
    Sample = String[],
    Match_len = UInt32[],
    Hit_len = UInt16[])

I then extract subsets of data from another dataframe of the same structure of df and populate with append!(df, x) where x is the subset. while the string format is maintained, the numbers are converted into hexadecimal, for instance:

julia> df
2×8 DataFrame. 
| Row    |  Sample   |  Match_len    │ Read_len │ 
|        |  String   |  UInt32       | UInt16   |
| 1      |  A4       |  0x005c8a11   | 0x001b   |
| 2      |  A5       |  0x005c8a11   | 0x001b   |

If I print the Match_len field, I get:

julia> print(df[:Start])
UInt32[0x005c8a11, 0x005c8a11]

but this instead should give 6064657 and 6064658. These values are maintained if I create an empty dataframe with Int32/16. Since the numbers are non signed, is it possible to keep the original values (that is 6064657 uinstead of 0x005c8a11)?
Thank you

Unsigned integers are displayed in base-16 (hex). This does not affect their value.

julia> 3735928559 == 0xdeadbeef