Create static documentation with Documenter.jl


I am using Documenter.jl to write the documentation of a package. I would like to include tutorials with blocks of julia code and output figures. However, some of these tutorials can be quite long to run. Is it possible to include lines of julia code in the markdown file but not execute the actual code?

Of course, just write the code blocks with usual markdown syntax:

# ...
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Thank you for your answer. But the code will appear as commented code in the markdown file. Is it possible to show the code as non-commented code but no execute it when I build the documentation.

My writing the example as commented code is not relevant. You can write any code, with or without comments; it won’t be executed if you just write it as a code block tagged as julia. You need to use macros as @example or @repl to make code blocks executable.

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Thank you for your help!