Julia back-end and algorithmic ML roles at Tangent Works (Slovakia / Belgium / Remote)


we are looking (again :slight_smile: ) for a Julia back-end developers and other related roles. You will be working on building the back-end components of a distributed machine learning system TIM (Tangent Information Modeller). TIM provides hyper-automation to time-series modelling that democratizes this traditionally expert driven corner to citizen data scientists and business users.

Your work will have an impact as TIM is being used in several industries (Energy, Retail, Finance, …) bringing automatic time-series model building to enterprises.

TIM implements InstantML - a modelling strategy that build high-quality models for time-series fast and automatic and is a next thing after AutoML. All the core micro-services are written in Julia to achieve high performance computing on several layers of abstraction.

The following are a selected roles that relates to Julia (full list is available on our website https://www.tangent.works). Feel free to drop me a line here via discourse or via LinkedIn.

Head of Development

Lead Back-end Developer (Julia, Python, Any Language)

Core Back-end Developer (Julia, Python, Any Language)

Senior Back-end Developer (Python with optional Julia skills)

Front-end Developer (ReactJs with optional Julia skills)