Julia Architects / Control Engineers / Data Scientists (Europe Remote)

Hello everyone,

I’m from the team at arboricity, where we are building a better approach to modelling and managing water supply networks around the world. We have chosen Julia for the numerical functionality of our platform to assist with this.

We’re looking to bolster the team, and are searching for:

  1. Julia Architects, to ensure our Julia code works well in production, and also works well with other key technologies in our platform
  2. Control Engineers, to help us build the models that will save water and maintain continuity of supply
  3. Data Scientists, to help us get the most out of the data we acquire (there’s quite a lot of it) and in an appropriate way by working with the Control Engineers and other members of the team

I’m very happy to answer questions (feel free to send PMs too), don’t hesitate to reach out.