Julia and Python optimization programmer with machine learning experience

Built production Python library used to convert electromagnetic data from physical sensors to real valued power flow models. Worked with technical directory to turn scripts written in Scilab to a data science toolkit in Python. cleaned up and modernized version control, deployed a CI/CD pipeline for documentation/containerization with Bitbucket and wrote setuptools/pip installation files. I’m looking for work in the Julia arena and would prefer to work on optimization and statistical modeling projects.

Experience with sensor network data collection pipelines and cloud based infrastructure deployment in AWS and GCP.

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Looking for the same thing.

Where are you located? I’m always looking for good machine learning guys and girls.


I am in Melbourne, Australia. Is remote an option? For family reason, a move outside of Australia isn’t a great option at the momemt. I am Australian citizen.

We’re currently operating out of Scandinavia. Remote in Europe would have been an option but Australia is a bit too far. We run daily standups and work at a fast pace. If we get any well isolated projects it could definitely work though. I’ll shoot you a pm.

It may help to link a few open source Julia packages you either wrote or contributed to, so that potential employees can just look at the kind of your code you write directly.