Julia academy data science tutorial

Hello I am not able to execute this command: G[1]

I executed this :
G = XLSX.readtable(“data/zillow_data_download_april2020.xlsx”,“Sale_counts_city”)

You should provide more information about what you are expecting to see and what you are seeing instead to get a more precise answer.

I am guessing that recent updates to the XLSX package may use a different syntax than the older version used in the tutorial.

The code below will read your Excel table into a DataFrame and then access the first column.

using DataFrames, XLSX
G = DataFrame(XLSX.readtable("data/zillow_data_download_april2020.xlsx", "Sale_counts_city"))
first_column = G[:, 1]



Yes, I will be more clear next time! I thought that there would be a dedicated forum page for the Julia academy tutorials that would give the context of the posts. In its absence, I will make sure I give enough snapshots of the kind of issues I am facing.