Julia 1.9 feature freeze: October 10, 2022

We’ve set the feature freeze for Julia 1.9 to Monday, October 10, 2022. If there are any feature PRs you’d like to get into Julia 1.9, they’ll need to be merged prior to that date.


I am curious whether these two PR are on schedule to be part of 1.9? I do not have the background necessary to guess what their chances are.


A lot of the reason for the timing of the freeze being set as it is is so that there will be time to hopefully get the first of these done. The second PR is basically ready, but the determination on to mergability has to do with how mature JuliaSyntax.jl is by the freeze date. I played around with it a little a few weeks ago, and at that point it wasn’t ready, but was really nice when it worked.


I have a few PRs open that I think it would be reasonable to get across the finish line before that date. Most of them have some form of discussion but things have died down. What’s the most appropriate (least obnoxious) way to get the necessary reviews from core devs?


The core devs recommend bumping regularly. I think the people involved would be notified automatically.


Has the feature freeze date been pushed back, given that v1.9 doesn’t seem to have branched off yet?

We were waiting for the work on saving machine code in package precompilation files to be ready but that’s taking a while so after some discussion the plan is to branch 1.9 soon and backport the machine code saving stuff when it’s ready. We don’t normally do that but this seems worth making an exception for.


Complete newbie question here… How do we know what changes made the 1.9 release? I’m aware of the documentation that is generated and the release notes, but I’m assuming other changes make the release. Specifically, I’m interested in update TOML from upstream library by KristofferC · Pull Request #47448 · JuliaLang/julia · GitHub Thanks.

IANACC (I am not a core contributor) but I understand that anything that’s merged into master prior to this file getting set to 1.10 then it will be included in the 1.9 branch. So #47448 would be included in 1.9