Julia 1.4 feature freeze: Dec 15th

Heads up: this is to let people know that if they have any PRs that they really want to get into Julia 1.4, the feature freeze for the 1.4 release will be on Sunday, December 15th. If you want something to be in this release, you have a month and a half to get it done.

Edit note: this originally announced the feature freeze as November 15th, I’ve edited to reflect the actual feature freeze date.


So, it has been pointed out to me that our last feature freeze for 1.3 was on August 15th and that four months after August 15th is December 15th, not November 15th. So… just kidding, the 1.4 feature freeze is December 15th—in a month and a half. Consider this to be a very early warning :grimacing: