Julia 1.6.2 now in conda-forge

Julia 1.6.2 can now be installed via conda-forge:

Note that this is a custom build for conda-forge and is not the official Julia binaries. The main difference is that it uses conda-forge binary dependencies to build Julia rather than the vendored binaries usually built via BinaryBuilder. This creates a version of Julia that may be more compatible with other conda-forge binaries than the official Julia.

The build recipe for Julia can be found in the conda-forge/julia-feedstock repository:

While I anticipate this may make community support more complicated, I also hope this will make Julia more accessible to the conda-forge community.


Is this using the patched LLVM and all of that?

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The conda-forge build is currently using patched LLVM:

That’s the one dependency where I don’t think we will be able to use a generic build for. The one possibility is that conda-forge may distribute Julia’s patched LLVM at some point. The non-conda-forge binaries being used are

  1. LLVM - discussed above
  2. libuv - Julia’s version has diverged from upstream
  3. mbedtls - This is due to some Downloads.jl issues, unverified HTTPS: don't set CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST=0 by StefanKarpinski · Pull Request #114 · JuliaLang/Downloads.jl · GitHub
  4. cls (C++ standard library) - I’m not sure about this, but I think everything needs to be linked against the same CSL.