Julia 1.8.0 via conda-forge is now available

Julia 1.8.0 is now available via conda-forge Linux and Mac OS X running on Intel x86_64 processors.


Please direct any issues with that build to the julia-feedstock repository within conda-forge:

Also please note the activate.sh script which attempts to isolate julia within the conda environment and which implements Conda.jl and CondaPkg.jl integration.

juliaup is also available on conda-forge and can be used to install julia for other platforms such as macos-arm64 or windows.

Similarly, please see the juliaup-feedstock repository within conda-forge for issues:

These builds are not officially supported and are provided mainly to facilitate the use of Julia in other conda-forge projects. Testing of these builds are less extensive than the builds available via the official Julia binaries available from julialang.org directly. They are also often combined with dependency versions which have not been
evaluated to work with Julia or other packages. If you encounter any issues with the conda-forge binaries, please try the official Julia binary distribution: