Julia 1.5.1 for Raspian 32 bit (Rasperry Pi)

The last version of Julia for Raspian 32 bit is 1.3.1 .

Why are there no newer versions?

How can I build a version for Raspian 32 bit myself?


You can build a version for Raspbian 32 bit yourself. The following was tested on Raspberry Pi OS (32-bit) 2020-05-07 on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.
First install build dependencies.

apt update
apt install cmake git

git probably isn’t necessary to build from the source tarball, but I did have it available for my tests.

If your Pi has less than 4 GB RAM, you will need to increase the size of the swapfile.

sudo /sbin/dphys-swapfile swapoff

Edit /etc/dphys-swapfile uncommenting and changing the value of CONF_SWAPSIZE to:


Then run:

sudo /sbin/dphys-swapfile setup
sudo /sbin/dphys-swapfile swapon

If you are building on a Pi 3 or older, you will need to build a custom kernel to increase the per process addressable memory from 2 GB to 3 GB. Without the custom kernel, you will get an out of memory error during the build. 3 GB is the default for Pi 4 kernels. If you need help with this process, let me know what model Pi you have.

Download the Julia source tarball.

Then extract and build:

gzip -dc julia-1.5.1.tar.gz | tar xvf -
cd julia-1.5.1
MARCH=armv7-a make

Thanks a lot! I will try it at the weekend. :slight_smile:

@terasakisatoshi has a Docker image with pre-built Julia binaries for Pi Zero https://github.com/Julia-Embedded/jlcross#raspberry-pi-zero

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Hope it helps. Thanks for sharing.