Julia 1.2 feature freeze April 4th

Heads up: this is to let people know that if they have any PRs that they really want to get into Julia 1.2, the feature freeze for the 1.2 release will be one week from today, on Thursday, April 4th. If you want something to be in this release, now is the time to get it done.


CI has been broken for a while now, which makes it pretty hard to get any PRs in — nothing has all passing tests. Have you considered delaying the feature freeze until after CI gets fixed?


@staticfloat: can you clarify the CI status? I.e. what we’re expecting to pass and not to pass now and what all the different test names mean?

Will this release include partr multithreading?

I’d like to add \star as a unary operation, is that possible for v1.2?

Not at this point, no. You’d have to convince people that it’s a good idea and then implement it, get it reviewed and merged… all by tomorrow.

Much of it, yes but not the full task-based API. @jeff.bezanson can elaborate with more details.

I believe that @stevengj would approve of it

The feature freeze is in a few hours at this point, it will have to wait until the next release.

Alright, I created the pull-request so that it can be reviewed eventually (hopefully in a few hours).

CI should not be broken, with the exception of Linux Travis, which will be fixed once Fix Travis, which has problems with BB by staticfloat · Pull Request #31605 · JuliaLang/julia · GitHub is merged. Everything else (Appveyor, all the buildbots, etc…) should not be broken.

See this discourse topic for more information on CI status.

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We have done a lot of the internal work on the new threading API but it’s not ready to be exposed yet. The main visible change is that a few more things (task switches and some I/O) work inside @threads loops. But I have high hopes that the finishing touches to make the new system fully work will be complete soon.


I have already a PR opened with the sincosd function (Add sincosd function by ronisbr · Pull Request #30134 · JuliaLang/julia · GitHub). Should I do something else?

I see, thanks.

Will nested @threads loops work properly (depth first)? Or would that require a new API?

Not yet; @threads just does what it did before (static schedule). In the near future though we should discuss whether @threads should switch to depth-first scheduling, or if that should require a different invocation.

when will v1.2 be released or frozen? it looks like this hasn’t happened yet

no rush, just wondering what the status of v1.2 release is

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We’ve branched: https://github.com/JuliaLang/julia/tree/release-1.2

So now we go through the iterative process of release candidates, package evaluation, and backports to that branch until we get an RC we like. I think there are some backports already accrued (https://github.com/JuliaLang/julia/issues?utf8=✓&q=label%3A"backport+1.2"+is%3Amerged) that may precede the first RC.

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Workflow clarifying question: if I just want to make PRs for docs fixes, that could ideally end up in 1.2, it is best to do that against master, correct? Then the Julia team can decide to backport them to 1.2 or not.

Yes, stuff always go to master first.

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