Julia 1.10.x on Raspberry Pi 400

I just installed the 1.6.7 julia on my Raspberry Pi 400. It runs but the
TTFX is excruciating. I would like to install 1.10.x+ but there appear
to be no binaries from the julialang.org site.

Has anyone successfully built the latest version of julia for the RPi 4
hardware? I’m in the process of determining whether to go with a
native build or to try one with cross compiling.

Any suggestions are welcome!

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Seems to exist under the downloads tab…


That said, you might want to install via Juliaup which will make future updates much easier.

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The Raspberry Pi 400 is arm7 with hardware float and not arm8
which is the AArch64 version. I did try downloading and then discovered
the incompatibility. Thanks for the thought.

The Raspberry Pi 400 hardware is ARMv8. Perhaps you are running a 32bit version of the OS?

Check the output of uname -m, if you are running the armv7 version, try installing the 64 bit version of Raspbian


Thanks for the tip!

It never in a million years would have occurred to me that the default
OS for 64-bit hardware would be 32-bit. I’ll give this a try as soon as
I can burn a new SD card.

I guess there is a reason that the last five letters on default are f-a-u-l-t.


A final follow up:

I was successful installing the latest version of the Raspberry Pi OS desktop,
64-bit version and was able to install julia-1.10.4.

Unfortunately, trying to install Makie triggered an LLVM crash which I am not
able to debug at this time. Seems likely that the problem was running out of
memory as the RC1 install had a 2000MB swap file size set.

I then installed the Upcoming release: v1.11.0-rc1 (June 25, 2024) and was
successful building Makie and CairoMakie.


What was the error message precisely? Was it by any chance

JIT session error: Cannot allocate memory


Sorry, I wiped that OS install on the Raspberry Pi and cannot
reproduce the run to get the precise error message.

If I get another LLVM error, I’ll try to copy and paste the text
so I can provide the exact output message.

I have used the Raspberry PI always with the Raspberry PI OS. I have thought of using Ubuntu but never have. This is an option however.