Julia 1.0 IDE for Windows


Yes, the VS Code extension uses a recent master from LanguageServer.jl. We don’t tag releases of all the packages during the alpha/beta/rc phase.


When I try to use version 1.02 through Jupyter, the kernel won’t load.


There’s a plugin for IntelliJ-based IDEs:



I’ve been running Julia 1.0.2 under Windows 7 (using VirtualBox on a MacBookPro OS 10.14.1). Julia and Gtk work as well as they do on the Mac, but the Windows REPL has problems. You can read about them at
and there are a number of examples for the course I’m writing at
I hope this helps; and any feedback you’d care to give me on the Windows problems or the programs would be appreciated.
belmont.edu@gmail.com [Robin Verdier]