Is Julia IDE or extension with code editiors will be developed or not?

I want to know that is the IDE or extension for any code editor is in development. and GitHub - julia-vscode/julia-vscode: Julia extension for Visual Studio Code

are the most popular ones


Ditto on Atom Juno and VS Code.

It’s not actually easy to find this info on as far as I can see.

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One day, maybe one day, we’ll have something like Spyder with Julia.

For me, the options currently available, can’t match Spyder / MATLAB (The reference).

Sometimes going the known and familiar is good :-).

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GtkIDE is a bit more Matlab-like (OS X only though).

You keep mentioning this – perhaps take a crack at adding Julia support in Spyder?


What I am really looking forward to is JupyterLab. It is Jupyter on steroids, offering pretty much everything you need in terms of an IDE and exploratory tool.

You can load CSV files by dragging and dropping them, extend the experience by developing plugins, etc. It is a really promising project. Check out this video for an overview of features:

Good news is that it already works with Julia kernels (exactly like Jupyter notebooks), and so you can start playing with it until an official release comes out.


But again, Juno and VS-code are the most popular ones. They’d be the first choice to look at IMHO.

I wish I had the skills doing so.
I’m limited to Signal / Image / Machine Learning algorithms.

Unfortunately, wasn’t born with the programming skill.

I tend to think of notebooks as Jupyter (and friends) and IDE’s as Juno (and friends) as two quite different tools for different uses. In short, I use Jupyter for working with data, Juno for working with code.


I agree @mkborregaard, in my case though, I am too attached to the VIM editor and prefer to have VIM for development and Jupyter for playing around. As a power user of VIM, I tried Juno many times, and even after enabling the VIM shortcuts in ATOM, I wasn’t satisfied. Many features for navigating the code quickly and other plugins are not there yet. Maybe I should search more ATOM plugins to fit my needs.


Isn’t Jupyterlab aiming to bridge the gap between notebook and IDE?

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I don’t know what are the goals, but they definitely have the building blocks to make it look like an IDE. :+1:

I talked with Fernando the other day, and he mentioned that someone from the Jupyter team was looking at the MS language server protocol. If JupyterLab ends up having a client for that, all the work we’ve done over in LanguageServer.jl should show up in JupyterLab, which would be pretty cool. Maybe they should just use in Jupyterlab :slight_smile: