Julia-0.7-RC2: Eval from module Base to

Below message occurs (CmdStan replaced by another package name) when testing packages on Julia-0.7-RC2. Is this just a warning or am I doing something wrong?

WARNING: eval from module Base to CmdStan:    
Expr(:->, :x, Expr(:block, #= Symbol("/Users/rob/.julia/packages/Documenter/nfl2R/src/DocChecks.jl"):650 =#, :y = :have_color, #= Symbol("/Users/rob/.julia/packages/Documenter/nfl2R/src/DocChecks.jl"):650 =#, Expr(:global, :have_color = :x), #= Symbol("/Users/rob/.julia/packages/Documenter/nfl2R/src/DocChecks.jl"):650 =#, :y))
  ** incremental compilation may be broken for this module **

Solved in Documenter 0.19.5

how have you solved it?

I am facing the very same problem with a self-written module… and don’t know what to do