WARNING: eval from module Plots to SIMB, incremental compilation may be broken for this module

I’m using Julia 0.7 to run a piece of code and get the following error message,

WARNING: eval from module Plots to SIMB:    
Expr(:function, Expr(:call, :_show, Expr(:::, :io, :IO), Expr(:::, Expr(:curly, :MIME, Expr(:call, :Symbol, "application/pdf"))), Expr(:::, :plt, Expr(:curly, :Plot, :GRBackend))), Expr(:block, #= Symbol("/home/devel/.julia/packages/Plots/ex9On/src/backends/gr.jl"):1379 =#, Expr(:call, Expr(:., :GR, :(:emergencyclosegks))), #= Symbol("/home/devel/.julia/packages/Plots/ex9On/src/backends/gr.jl"):1380 =#, :filepath = Expr(:call, :*, Expr(:call, :tempname), ".", "pdf"), #= Symbol("/home/devel/.julia/packages/Plots/ex9On/src/backends/gr.jl"):1381 =#, :env = Expr(:call, :get, :ENV, "GKSwstype", "0"), #= Symbol("/home/devel/.julia/packages/Plots/ex9On/src/backends/gr.jl"):1382 =#, Expr(:ref, :ENV, "GKSwstype") = "pdf", #= Symbol("/home/devel/.julia/packages/Plots/ex9On/src/backends/gr.jl"):1383 =#, Expr(:ref, :ENV, "GKS_FILEPATH") = :filepath, #= Symbol("/home/devel/.julia/packages/Plots/ex9On/src/backends/gr.jl"):1384 =#, Expr(:call, :gr_display, :plt, "pdf"), #= Symbol("/home/devel/.julia/packages/Plots/ex9On/src/backends/gr.jl"):1385 =#, Expr(:call, Expr(:., :GR, :(:emergencyclosegks))), #= Symbol("/home/devel/.julia/packages/Plots/ex9On/src/backends/gr.jl"):1386 =#, Expr(:call, :write, :io, Expr(:call, :read, :filepath, :String)), #= Symbol("/home/devel/.julia/packages/Plots/ex9On/src/backends/gr.jl"):1387 =#, Expr(:call, :rm, :filepath), #= Symbol("/home/devel/.julia/packages/Plots/ex9On/src/backends/gr.jl"):1388 =#, Expr(:if, Expr(:call, :!=, :env, "0"), Expr(:block, #= Symbol("/home/devel/.julia/packages/Plots/ex9On/src/backends/gr.jl"):1389 =#, Expr(:ref, :ENV, "GKSwstype") = :env), Expr(:block, #= Symbol("/home/devel/.julia/packages/Plots/ex9On/src/backends/gr.jl"):1391 =#, Expr(:call, :pop!, :ENV, "GKSwstype")))))
  ** incremental compilation may be broken for this module **

After searching from the internet, I found this related link:

I do not quite understand it. Plus, are there any updates about this issue?

If possible I’d suggest using julia 1.0 instead because Plots is no longer supporting version julia-0.7 and I’ve seen that combination cause issues for other people.


Yes, as far as I remember the fix for that issue was included after 0.7 compatibility was dropped.
However, having the issue at al indicates that your package depends on Plots, which it shouldn’t - it should depend on RecipesBase. What’s SIMB?

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@mkborregaard, SIMB is a self-defined module in my own project. Thank you a lot!

@Chris_Foster, thank you a lot!