How to use packages in `dev` rather than `packages`?

In Julia 0.7, I have installed package in dev and package, but Julia is using the package in packages rather than dev!

dev is a folder like anyone else on your computer and putting things there is not installing it. You have to tell Pkg that it should use that version, for example

pkg> dev ~/.julia/dev/PackageName

But again, since dev is a just another folder you can keep your package wherever you want, and then just

pkg> dev path/to/PackageName

thanks, this helps.

If you want to use a package already in your dev path then it is sufficient to just do dev PackageName without the path.

My typical workflow is to have a symlink to dev in my home, then if I want to work on something I just do dev PackageName. Note that you should call dev PackageName again every time you change something that the package manager cares about e.g. dependencies (you don’t have to do this for most things, just stuff that’s relevant to the package manager).

I have two questions to add on to this thread that I think are relevant.

Do I have to do dev each time I start up? It seems not, once I do dev Julia stays there when I do using.

How do I switch back to the publicly released version when I want to?

No, the path that you deved is stored in Manifest.toml, so as long as you don’t remove that one you are fine.

pkg> free PakageName

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Ah thanks a ton. I was a bit confused about what free did.

Did you read the docs?:stuck_out_tongue:

  free: undoes a pin, develop, or stops tracking a repo.
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