Join me for a mini review of signal analysis tools for physiology and open science

Hi there,

Following a review of our paper for ComplexityMeasures.jl, I’ve been invited to contribute to the issue:

because I am swamped with work, I decided to contribute a mini review focusing on Julia-based tools for signal/timeseries analysis/processing with focus on physiological applications. The mini review will also have an extensive (500 or so) words part focusing on open science, how we did it in ComplexityMeasures.jl fostering a community project rather than an one-off project, and how in general Julia is a strong tool for open science, also briefly advertising DrWatson and other tools like DataToolkit.jl.

Question is: is there anyone that would like to join me in this mini-review and share some of the effort? My goal would be to make this mini review in the span of one to two days, at most a week. (The mini review is total of 3,000 words; also, the deadline in the link above will be extended, I know this from internal sources :wink: )

If you know people that have worked on timseries analysis / DSP in physiology using Julia please do share this with them as well!


Hey @Datseris ,

First of all, what a wonderful invitation to the community! Thanks for sharing this! As someone who has done a bunch of time series analysis and a little DSP work (enough to know a bit about the ecosystem), it would be fun to contribute!

I do have a couple questions:

  1. I am a bit confused about where you would like help first in as you mention a 500 word mini review and then the full paper being 3000 words. What discrete tasks do you see being available that someone could take on?

  2. What information are you most seeking from the community?

Regarding 1, I am happy to contribute some language about the community aspects of Julia from a health research side (coming from JuliaHealth). Regarding 2, I am happy to talk a bit about the state of the art in general about DSP and physiological signal analysis as I have experience in that domain though not exclusively in Julia.

Hope to help!

~ tcp :deciduous_tree:

P.S. I wouldn’t be able to contribute this weekend as I have some prior commitments. Would you be willing to extend the deadline out a few days to say Monday or Tuesday?

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Thanks! To clarify, the whole paper will be 3,000 words. I’ll reserve 500 of them to talk about reproducibility in academia and in particular in Julia.

I’ll send you a DM to schedule a video call to clarify things more and set a date to do this.

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Sounds great! Thanks @Datseris!