Help Accelerate Brain Science at Beacon Biosignals (+ Series A Announcement!)

We founded Beacon Biosignals in 2019 with Julia at the heart of our platform for high-throughput EEG biomarker discovery. A couple of years and ~100TBs of clinical data later, I’m happy to announce our Series A funding!

I want to say a massive thanks to the Julia community for building an incredible ecosystem of tools that have helped power our mission to render brain monitoring actionable :slight_smile: So many of your awesome packages have accelerated our pursuit of new treatments for patients with neurological disease.

With this new capital comes a lot of opportunity to fund development of Julia-centric tooling for distributed time series analysis, data engineering, and more atop K8s, Arrow, and other fun tech. We have quite a breadth of open positions available and are posting more jobs over the coming weeks; check out Careers | Beacon Biosignals for details!

Even if you’re not looking for a new position right now, we’re always happy to connect with potential OSS/academic/clinical collaborators that are interested in large-scale EEG analysis in Julia. A lot of Beaconeers hang out on the Julia Slack, so feel free to message any of us there if you’re interested in chatting!


How cool is that ! Congratulations Jarrett and Beacon Biosignals team !


At the Beacon site I see

Machine Learning Built for Time Series Data

Beacon harnesses deep learning and advanced digital signal processing to build algorithms that can predict expert consensus on EEG events more accurately and reliably than any individual expert. This enables high-resolution interrogation of neurophysiological data and construction of novel endpoints that can’t be captured by tools like MRI, actigraphy, or genetic analyses.

What are the Julia packages for nonlinear time series analysis? One that I see is DynamicalSystems.jl.